Let’s try quilting!

But first... where have I been? Hello! Long time no write... it looks like I haven't posted since August 2020 and it has been a very busy couple years. Just a few highlights: I've gotten married, bought a house, and started two new jobs (one after the other, not concurrently ūüėÖ). It can be really... Continue Reading →

Homemade Hackles

Earlier this month I ran out of ready to spin fiber (quite the tragedy, I know). I ordered some more fiber online but it takes a good week to arrive, so I needed to figure out something else to tide me over. Unfortunately, the alpaca fiber I currently have in my stash has been washed... Continue Reading →

From Alpaca to Scarf

One of my big goals for my NZ trip was to create something from shearing to knitted project. I've just finished making a scarf from an alpaca that I helped shear, which ticks that off my list. As they say pics or it didn't happen¬†so here's some pictures! First step, I needed to get some... Continue Reading →

Dory Sprung a Leak!

I discovered a leak in Dory's radiator the other day which isn't great because I plan to do a good bit of driving in the next few weeks! I started noticing some steam coming up from the hood a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't see anything when I looked under the hood, the engine... Continue Reading →

First Spinning Attempts

One of the things I've been learning at Cuesta Alpaca¬†is how to spin! I'll do another more in depth post on how spinning works once I'm done with my current project (I'm spinning some fleece from an alpaca that I got to help shear!), but for now I thought I would share some of my... Continue Reading →

Produce Bag Pattern

This pattern accompanies my earlier post:¬†Variations on a Bag. I will cover all three variations shown in that post in this pattern. My pattern has been adapted from¬†Market Bag, a pattern I found on Ravelry.com. Weight:¬†Thread, Size 5 Quantity:¬†Produce bags are roughly 30 g (~120 m), laundry bag is roughly 60 g (~240 m) Hook... Continue Reading →

Variations on a Bag

I've been playing around with different crochet bags over the past few months and thought I would share the results! I started by looking at a pattern I found on Ravelry (Market Bag) and varied it from there. I've created a couple variations that I'm happy with. Variation 1 - Produce Bag I originally started... Continue Reading →

DIY Travel Earring Holder

I made an earring holder for my trip! I usually keep my earrings in a small zipper pouch when I'm traveling, but that can get messy so I thought I would try another solution. The pattern is very simple: you only need a piece of fabric, some ribbon, and some thread. The ribbon is sewed... Continue Reading →

Fair Isle Fun

This post is long overdue! I've started (and mostly finished) way too many projects since my last crafting post. Recently I have been playing around with fair isle or stranded knitting. Stranded knitting refers to multi-color patterns that carry all the color strands along the back of the piece rather than tying off the strand... Continue Reading →

Headbands Galore!

Winter is here and that means headband season! When I came across a skein of Mille Colori Baby shade 60 I thought that it would be the perfect yarn for some fun and incredibly bright headbands. I played around with a few different styles and techniques and ended make three different headbands. 1. The Artistic... Continue Reading →

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