Variations on a Bag

I’ve been playing around with different crochet bags over the past few months and thought I would share the results! I started by looking at a pattern I found on Ravelry (Market Bag) and varied it from there. I’ve created a couple variations that I’m happy with.

Variation 1 – Produce Bag

I originally started looking at crochet bags because I wanted something to replace the plastic produce bags at the supermarket. I liked the pattern from Ravelry, but it was a bit too big for my needs so I reduced the circumference of the bag by half. I also played with the size of the holes for the bags. The bag on the left follows the original pattern using chain-8s to form the holes while the bag on the right used chain-4s. The right one takes a bit longer to make, but I think it ends up making a better bag.

Variation 2 – Laundry Bag

I wanted to make a laundry bag that works for when me while I’m traveling. I thought the produce bag was a good place to start because it is very light and collapsible. I also wanted to revise the handle design to add more support to the bottom of the bag. Here is the result:

I created the handles using aย Basic Crochet Cord. It is one long cord that I have woven through the bag and crossed at the bottom. I also put a separate cord around the top of the bag so I can cinch up the top. I can also use the handles to compress the bag which is super useful for stuffing it into my backpack!

Variation 3 – Fancy Produce Bag

The last variation is a bag I made for one of the people hosting my while I’m WWOOFing. Its very similar to the first variation, but I made it a little bit nicer.

I added the blue because a little color is always fun! I created the handle by doing the basic cord, then attaching a second cord to the first. The handle is much easier to hold than the original handle when the bag is full. I also replaced the drawstring at the bottom with the the cord instead of the single chain loop on the previous bags.

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  1. Becky you are so very talented! Love your creations! I look forward to the day you Liz and I can spend knitting or crocheting or sewing together ๐Ÿ˜Š. Is it possible to share the directions?


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