Unicorn Andromeda Shawl

Yay colors! Everyone needs a unicorn/cotton candy/bright and crazy project every once in a while šŸ™‚ I bought the fiber for this project at a craft fair with no idea what I was going to do with it. I was trying really hard to be reasonable and buy only supplies for my upcoming project... but... Continue Reading →

Cozy Boomerang Scarf

Project It's a bit out of season to be making cozy scarves, but I had the fiber and time so why not? I started this project with 100g of Morning Glory Merino and the goal of making a semi-bulky yarn. I forgot to add something to the pic for scale, but it's roughly medium weight.... Continue Reading →

From Alpaca to Scarf

One of my big goals for my NZ trip was to create something from shearing to knitted project. I've just finished making a scarf from an alpaca that I helped shear, which ticks that off my list. As they say pics or it didn't happenĀ so here's some pictures! First step, I needed to get some... Continue Reading →

First Spinning Attempts

One of the things I've been learning at Cuesta AlpacaĀ is how to spin! I'll do another more in depth post on how spinning works once I'm done with my current project (I'm spinning some fleece from an alpaca that I got to help shear!), but for now I thought I would share some of my... Continue Reading →

Fair Isle Fun

This post is long overdue! I've started (and mostly finished) way too many projects since my last crafting post. Recently I have been playing around with fair isle or stranded knitting. Stranded knitting refers to multi-color patterns that carry all the color strands along the back of the piece rather than tying off the strand... Continue Reading →

Headbands Galore!

Winter is here and that means headband season! When I came across a skein of Mille Colori Baby shade 60 I thought that it would be the perfect yarn for some fun and incredibly bright headbands. I played around with a few different styles and techniques and ended make three different headbands. 1. The Artistic... Continue Reading →

Cable Knit Hat

I made this hat using some yarn from a cute little shop calledĀ Bad Woman Yarn. I went there for my birthday and found a wonderful selection of yarns. The one I picked was a nice shade of teal that was soft and surprisingly easy to work with. The yarn didn't stick to itself too much... Continue Reading →

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