Cable Knit Hat

I made this hat using some yarn from a cute little shop called Bad Woman Yarn. I went there for my birthday and found a wonderful selection of yarns. The one I picked was a nice shade of teal that was soft and surprisingly easy to work with. The yarn didn’t stick to itself too much which is sometimes a problem when working with fine yarns.

I decided to try out a folded knit hem for the brim. The folded brim starts with a provisional cast on which allows the first row to be knitted together with another row later on. I then knitted 2.5 inches using a standard 2 knit 2 purl ribbing pattern, folded the brim in half, and knitted the first and last rows together. I really like the way the folded brim turned out, it gives the hat a nice finished look.

The rest of the hat pattern was taken from the Father Cables Pattern. I used size 4 needles round needles, a set of size 4 double point needles and a small cable stitch holder. The pattern included two versions of the hat: slouchy and fitted. Since the pattern was meant for a heavier weight of yarn, I chose to use the slouchy version of the pattern to compensate. The yarn worked out well for the hat and showed off the cable pattern nicely.

The only issue I ran into with this hat was the length. The lighter yarn and smaller needles I used made the hat pattern shorter than it should be. If I were to make the hat again, I would modify the pattern a bit for length. About 3/4 of the way up the hat, there is a single twist that I could repeat. It would extend the pattern by about an inch without messing with the shape of the hat.

Overall I am happy with how the hat turned out!



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