Cozy Boomerang Scarf


It’s a bit out of season to be making cozy scarves, but I had the fiber and time so why not? I started this project with 100g of Morning Glory Merino and the goal of making a semi-bulky yarn.

IMG_20200605_232855 (1)

I forgot to add something to the pic for scale, but it’s roughly medium weight. I tried to spin the fiber really fluffy (not quite sure what the technical term for it is) because I wanted something that felt light. I decided to make the yarn a 2-ply so that I could get a little more length out of it than if I went 3-ply. This means that the colorways doesn’t quite match up, but I think that works out well in the final project.

After making the yarn, I decided to make a simple boomerang scarf so that I could display the lovely colors. I always love discovering how the colorways has ended up as I knit. The stripes on this scarf came out really nice! I think it almost a watercolor effect.

IMG_20200710_134616 (2)

Simple Boomerang Pattern

  1. Cast on 5 – 8 stitches using long tail cast on. Less stitches will create a pointy corner to your scarf, more will be more rounded.
  2. Right Side Rows – knit front and back of first stitch, * knit * until two stitches left, k2tog. You should have the same number of stitches as the previous row.
  3. Wrong Side Rows –  slip first stitch with yarn in front, * knit * until two stitches left, knit front and back of next stitch, slip last stitch with yarn in front. You should have one more stitch than the previous row.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the scarf is desired length.
  5. Bind off using stretchy bind off. Note, you should leave more than a single row’s worth of yarn for this bind off. I find that it usually consumes about 1.5 times as much as a normal row.


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  1. I like the style and the name! And I love anything blue! Nice work! You’re all set for winter!Love and hugs,GrandmaSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


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