Gardening in Stillwater

After getting my car all sorted, I was ready to get out of the city! I headed north to Stillwater to meet with my host, Mary, and see the place I would be spending the next couple weeks. I know I told you all that my first stop was an alpaca farm… but I hadn’t scheduled that until the end of October because I wasn’t sure how long it would take me to get set up. Turns out I only needed a couple weeks, so I contacted Mary to see if she would take me last minute. As luck would have it, she had room for me!

The house was very nicely situated overlooking a pretty inlet. The house itself was bright and full of sunlight, and it was surrounded by greenery and gardens. There was a wooden porch around three sides of the house and a hot tub. It really felt like more of a vacation spot than a job.


It was my first WWOOFing experience, so I didn’t really know what to expect as far as the dynamics of living in someone’s house and working on projects for them. It turned out to be much more laid back than I thought and I quickly fell into an easy daily rhythm. It was almost like being at home working on my own household projects.

One of the first projects was getting the veggie garden weeded and planted for the coming summer. We planted various leafy greens, peas, and herbs!


We also painted the side of the garage that had been needing a touch up for a while.

And refinished a table!

There were many other little projects along the way, but those were the primary things I helped with.

I really enjoyed spending time with Mary and hope to keep in touch with her. It was a wonderful first WWOOFing experience and a really nice way to spend a couple weeks.

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