I Got a Car!

I got a car!! Well, I've had it for a couple weeks, but I just haven't gotten around to posting anything. Her name is Dory (fingers crossed she keeps swimming for the full year I have her!) and she is a 1995 Toyota Rav4, 4WD and manual. And yes, NZ drives on the left side... Continue Reading →

DIY Travel Earring Holder

I made an earring holder for my trip! I usually keep my earrings in a small zipper pouch when I'm traveling, but that can get messy so I thought I would try another solution. The pattern is very simple: you only need a piece of fabric, some ribbon, and some thread. The ribbon is sewed... Continue Reading →

But first… Hawaii!

I know I said I was going to New Zealand... and I am, I just decided to take a cruise for the first half of the journey! My boyfriend and I were trying to figure out a good trip to say goodbye and, after some research and brainstorming, we determined that a trip to Hawaii... Continue Reading →

A Journey Begins

I left Seattle today (well, Bellevue if you're familiar with the area) and I'm not returning for a year. I mean, I'll go back to visit of course, but it won't be the same. My feeling leading up to leaving were very steady. Even now I don't think its fully hit me. I'm going to... Continue Reading →

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