But first… Hawaii!

I know I said I was going to New Zealand… and I am, I just decided to take a cruise for the first half of the journey! My boyfriend and I were trying to figure out a good trip to say goodbye and, after some research and brainstorming, we determined that a trip to Hawaii would be just the ticket. And it turns out that last minute cruises can be cheaper than a flight plus hotel, so cruise it was. We found was a 10 day relocation cruise out of Vancouver that spent 5 days at sea, then 5 days in the islands.

The first half of the trip was rather uneventful (something to do with being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean), but we managed to catch some nice sunsets and couple formal nights!

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After some mild seasickness and lots of cruise activities (I even managed to find a knitting group on board!) we made it to the island of Hawai’i where we found lots of waterfalls, jungles, and a sea turtle.

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After the Big Island, we anchored off the coast of Lahaina, Maui for a couple days. The first day we spent just wandering around to town, the second day was a full day of snorkeling! Underwater pictures courtesy of Vini @ Ultimate Whale Watch and Snorkel. We also saw a beautiful banyan tree in Lahaina, but it is hard to show in a flat picture, so we took a photo sphere you can see here.

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The cruise ended in Honolulu where we stayed for a night and explored a bit before heading to the airport.

And there’s the announcement to begin boarding, so I have to go. Next stop Auckland, New Zealand!

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